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FALL in Love – A sneak peek into Autumn’s Fashion Agenda

Welcome, dear fashion aficionados. I hope you’re ready to spice up your autumn wardrobe, because we’re about to dive into some seriously hot collections. As we wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of crisp air, falling leaves, and of course, the chance to refresh our wardrobes with the season’s most coveted styles. Come have a look at some of our favourite collections which have just arrived at Burnside Village.


CUORE by Carla Zampatti:

Cuore, of Italian origin meaning heart. An extremely fitting title considering the gravity of our love for this collection. Carla Zampatti started strong with the first release of their Autumn 24 collection with a completely red release. As the Carla Zampatti designers themselves state, ‘red. It embodies emphasis itself and cuts through with a vibrant determination.’ Embodied in this collection in the form of gowns and tailoring, no other hue is so fundamental.


The CUORE collection is then further complimented by exquisite pieces boasting a traditional palate. Elements such as crushed sequins, contemporary lines, elegant layering and leather finishes are utilised to not only bring more variety to the collection, but also epitomise classic Carla Zampatti glamour.

Pre-Fall 24 by Scanlan Theodore

Scanlan Theodore’s Pre-Fall 24 collection seemed to take us here at Burnside Village by surprise. Not in the sense that we weren’t aware of its arrival, more so by how much we were mesmerised by the release. Under the design direction of Gary Theodore and Maria Sita, the collection reaffirms the brand’s affinity for modernity and elegance.

Showcasing the natural beauty of Australia, the Pre-Fall 2024 campaign is captured amongst the ancient trees of the Styx Valley which have complimented the abstract style and palate of the collection flawlessly. Exaggerated cocoon shapes and oversized proportions are effortlessly balanced with contemporary accessories and luxurious footwear.

Bold Intention by Witchery

Bold Intention, the latest elegant collection from Witchery, is now in store. Bold Intention has been constructed around styles that will see you through seasonal changes. ⁠Deeper hues off-set lighter neutrals, and directional iterations of suiting are designed to be mixed and matched. Bold Intention is once again a testament to the designers at Witchery and their ability to force versatility to operate in conjunction with cutting edge fashion.


Summer may have bid us farewell, yet ironically, there is certainly a bright side to the equation. This year’s autumn collections are nothing short of breathtaking and we have no doubt the styles on display will serve every wardrobe well. To shop these collections, visit Carla Zampatti, Scanlan Theodore and Witchery in our Atrium Mall today.


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