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Aleenta Barre

Exercising is not a luxury.

You know that, right?

You’ve read the stats…you know that exercising heals your body. Nourishes your mind and protects you from a multitude of health issues.

So why? Why is it hard? Hard to prioritise. Hard to motivate. Hard to remain consistent. This is the most common feedback we receive. And we get it. Life is crazy busy. And pulling us in all directions.

But we need to change this.

Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time or I am too busy, we need to change our perspective. Say ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how that feels.

“I’m not exercising, because my health is not a priority”.

If it doesn’t sit well, that’s the point. Time is a choice. We all have the same amount of time we just choose what we prioritise.

For us exercising is about prioritising your health, and let’s face it, looking good is an added bonus. We all love peachier peaches! To feel stronger. Happier. Healthier.

As a woman our bodies goes through significant change, not only through the various life-stages, but literally every day according to our changing hormones. (Side-note- you must read our blog on cycle-tracking and exercising with your cycle, it is mind-blowing!)

Aleenta is here to help. We want to make it easy for you. Easy to have fun and to enjoy moving your body. We create classes you will love so that you can be happier and healthier. It’s that simple.

And after 50,000 classes we have learnt a thing or two about what works. And we know it will change your life.

You, ready?

Join us for 7 days for $40 of Unlimited Classes. You choose what works for you.

Burnside Village Time Table: 

  • Monday

9:30am – Barre Burn

5:30pm – Barre Blend

6:30pm – F.I.T

7:30pm – Flow Yoga

  • Tuesday 

9:30am – Barre Blend

5:15pm – F.I.T

6:15pm – Barre Burn

7:15pm – Mat Pilates

  • Wednesday 

9:30pm – Barre Burn

5:30pm – Barre Blend

6:30pm – F.I.T

7:30pm – Barre Blast

  • Thursday 

9:30am – Bodyformer

5:30pm – Mat Pilates

6:30pm – F.I.T

7:30pm – Barre Blend


  • Friday 

9:30pm – Barre Blend

10:30am – Mat Pilates

5:15pm – Barre Blast

6:00pm – Flow Yoga

  • Saturday 

7:30am – F.I.T

8:30am – Barre Blend

9:30am – Barre Burn

10:30am – Mat Pilates

  • Sunday 

8:30am – F.I.T

9:30am – Mat Pilates

10:30am – Barre Burn

4pm – Yin Yoga


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