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School HolidayReads

Top 5 school holiday reads!


Love reading?

Harry Hartog have compiled their list of their Top 5 School Holiday reads, just in time for these July School Holidays…

The Secret Lives of Unicorns

by Dr. Temisa Seraphini

RRP $29.99 (Childrens Picture Book)

Written by the leading expert on unicornology. If David Attenborough wrote a book about unicorns, this would be it. Beautifully illustrated with fantastic historical elements.


Pig the Tourist

by Aaron Blabey

RRP $17.99 (Childrens Picture Book)

Pig is the world’s greediest tourist when he goes on holiday. Follow your favourite Pug as he causes chaos everywhere he goes!


A Funny Things Happened to Simon Sidebottom #3: Camp Cruddly

by P. Crimble and Dean Rankine 

RRP $12.99 (Age 7-10)

Simon is having a grade-A, category-five, send-in-the-navy-seal-black-op-ninjas Sidebottom emergency! He’s off to Camp Cruddly!

A farty choose-your-own-adventure⁠— follow Simon as he goes to Camp Cruddly and tries to navigate living with other boys for the summer. Pranks and mischief ensue!


The Good Thieves

by Katherine Rundell

RRP $22.99 (Age 10-12)

Fresh from England, Vita Marlowe finds out her grandfather Jack’s home is under threat from a conman with mafia relationships. Vita has to try and outsmart his enemies and recover what belongs with their family before time runs out.


The World’s Worst Teachers

by David Walliams

RRP $24.99 (Age 10-12)

10 illustrated stories about the worst teachers you have ever met, bound up in this new release from comedian and children’s author David Walliams. Something for everyone to identify with because we’ve all had bad teachers!

You will find Harry Hartog (and all these titles) in the Fashion Mall (opposite Village Pharmacy)