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Julia Flanagan x Gorman

News23 Jan 2020

Collaborating artist Julia Flanagan, is a Sydney based painter, sculptor and drawer with a distinct style that looks as though it was always meant to be made into textiles. 

Lisa Gorman begins the year by collaborating with Sydney based artist Julia Flanagan on a collection that celebrates pattern, colour and quirk.

A painter, a sculptor and a lover of improvisation, Julia’s artworks distinctively layer geometric forms and repeat pattern, creating joyful and whimsical textiles in our first artist collaboration of the decade. Julia moved to Sydney from Newcastle to study Painting and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School in 2004 and her Painting Honours in 2005.

After study, Flanagan explored print and pattern painting while working from home with young children. Being a mother, she sought inspiration from the playfulness and lack of inhibition children display when it comes to drawing or painting. Her process often involves sketches or line drawings that she uses as only a guideline, creating a starting point in which she allows herself to move from, playing with line and the pathways the viewer can find in repeated patterns.

Julia’s artworks have translated into a refreshing collection of apparel and accessories. With a strong focus on pattern, her works of art effortlessly transformed into textiles, as if they were originally created for this purpose.

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