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Camilla’s New Collection

CAMILLA’s latest collection Mad Manor has launched!

A study of peculiar guests who arrive to stay at The Mad Manor. We see disparate social worlds collide: ethereal dames, posh aristocrats, counter-culture icons, rockers and royals run shoulders with one another. Each dressed with peculiar aplomb, this season we explore all the eccentric characters so intrinsic to the English narrative.

Drop 1
Takes inspiration from the Brighton Pavilion and it’s architectural surroundings. Featuring prints; Party in the palace, Palace playhouse, By the meadow, Royal residence, solid cream and solid black.

Delusions and illusions grace the wild gardens of the Mad Manor. A bygone playhouse for all kinds of wicked princes and princesses, where elaborate excess is the theme de jour. Shaking loose the restraints of official ceremonies and polite exchanges, the royals are rebelling, and the rumours are running rife. Aristocratic anarchy, it’s the poshest kind of trouble.

Well-to-do vagabonds walk the soaring estate on an endless adventure. These stuffy academics are kept amused by debating and provoking one another, always with a twinkle in their eye. They take lunch together, a feast of cucumber sandwiches, brandy and tea. As the day goes on, they get a little rowdier, heatedly discussing the wiles of the world and singing prose of yore!

Portraits line the walls of the tea room, rich with peculiar antiques and lovelorn literature. The crochet covered table holds stacks upon stacks of precious pottery. Dressed in the prettiest finery, the ladies whisper amongst themselves, each story is more indecent than the last. As the giggles escalate, one must wonder: just what is it exactly in that tea?


Defiant and darling; restless and foolish; beautiful and brilliant, meet monarchy of music. This social set emerges only after hours; rockers, actors, models and fabulous it girl. They descend upon the grounds causing the type of mayhem that may just well end up in the morning’s tabloids.

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